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We are Cyber Liability And Risk Experts.

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When you’re scaling a modest hill or mountain, any guide will do. But when you’re climbing the Mount Everest of today’s Cyber Security issues, you want an expert. Affenix’s team of Cyber Sherpas are here to guide you to the summit of online protection and security.

Our mission is to prep, guide, and insure the survival of our clients in the event of a data breach.


We achieve our mission by:


  • Focusing Exclusively On Cyber Security Liability And Risk
  • Staying informed and informing our clients on an ongoing basis about the changes and the threats to their business and in the industry
  • Living, Breathing, and Loving Cyber Security
  • 60% of Small Biz Go Out of Biz Within 6 months of a Breach
  • 91% of Medical Facilities Have Had At Least One Data Breach In The Last 2 Years
  • 71% Of Data Breaches Target Small Businesses
  • A Single Data Breach Can Cost Millions
  • A Single Data Breach Will Cause Irreparable Injury To A Company’s Brand
  • Cyber Liability is a new world for the insurance industry.
  • The industry and threats are changing and evolving everyday.
  • Most risk management companies and insurance agents have little to no experience in Cyber Security. Therefore, they have little understanding about the risks or what to do to protect a business.

“Everything from the application process, to the vetting is mired [in inconsistency],
and when you do [as an insurance client] have to file a claim, what company has
people with experience in terms of cyber-insurance claim remuneration?”

Shawn Wiora, CIO and CISO at Creative Solutions In Healthcare – via Article

“..some in the industry are writing business and providing products for exposures thatthey do not fully comprehend.”

Paddy Jago, Global Chairman of Willis Re and Chairman of Willis Re North America – via

  • 77% think their company is safe from a Cyber Attack.
  • 47% think a data breach would not negatively impact their company.
  • Many companies that thought they had coverage found out only after filing a claim that they did not. This can be attributed in large part to their agent’s lack of knowledge.

Data Breaches Happen Whether You’re Ready or Not

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